Rare Antique Dolan Ghijeck with bow

Our instruments are often made to order by a master craftsman. However, he is getting older and mulberry wood is getting expensive, so place your order while we can assure you of quick service.The Dolan Ghijeck is the most ancient Ghijeck and it is the ancestor of all Ghijecks. Its spherical head is made of mulberry wood. Its diameter is about 16 cm. On its face the skin of cow or snake is used. It has 2 main strings and 12 sympathetic strings. It is placed on the knee of the left leg when played . It is played by pressing the strings with left hand and bowing them using a bow in the right hand. It has beautiful melodic sound .This kind of Ghijeck is usually found in the areas of the Tarim Basin and thus called Dolan Ghijeck.While designed for a professional musician, the artisanal craftsmanship and beauty of the Dolan Ghijeck will appeal to all art collectors as a beautiful and traditional piece.Product Details:Length: 80cmNumber of strings: 12Includes:A muqam poster