15 String Plain Dolan Rebab

Our instruments are often made to order by a master craftsman. However, he is getting older and mulberry wood is getting more expensive; place your order so we can assure you of quick service. Crafted from mulberry and cowhide, this rare stringed instrument comes from Kashgar, an outpost on the ancient Silk Road. The Dolan Rebab, principal instrument in the Dolan muqam, with one melodic and several sympathetic strings and pear-shaped body, ressembles the Afghan Rebab more closely than the Kashgar Rebab. The Dolan Valley is part of the Uyghur region in China´s Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and shares much of its music and culture with the Kashgar region. This Rebab is made in the distinctive Dolan style, featuring extra sympathetic strings, giving it an even more robust sound.This instrument is quite similar to the 13 string version; it is modeled on an ancient design. The strings are made of steel, and are plucked with plectrum.While designed for a professional musician, the artisanal craftsmanship and beauty of the Dolan Rebab will appeal to all art collectors as a beautiful and traditional piece.Product Details:Length: 90cmNumber of strings: 15Includes:A muqam poster