High Quality Uyghur Dap

High Qaulity Uyghur Dap- a frame drum, of which two types are current. The smaller näghmä däpi, at around 25-30 cm in diameter, is a virtually indispensable instrument for the muqam, playing a leading role in the instrumental sections (märghul). The larger chong dap is used in other folk contexts, it may be used to accompany other instruments or may be played solo. The third and largest type, thought to have magic powers, is used in the healing rituals of the Uyghur shamans (baqshi or pirghun).About UsThe instruments spend about two months in our shop from start to finish.All of our stringed instruments are hand made by an experienced teamof master craftspeople according to Uyghur traditional style. Eachinstrument is built to order and unique. We have been selling instruments worldwide for 30 years from our headquarters in Kashgar,Xinjiang Province, China. Our decorative wooden musical instruments are crafted with seriousprofessionals in mind, but can also be enjoyed by collectors or anywho enjoy traditional or rare musical instruments. Each of our musical instruments is carefully packed into a custombuilt, sturdy wooden box to ensure its safe arrival at your home.Please allow us 20 to 30 days for shipping. We understand this is a longwait, but our customers agree that the wait is worth it. We are eager to answer any questions you may have, please feel free toask the seller.Be sure to visit our store , for more exciting treasures from Central AsiaMobile: (+86)[email protected]