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13 String Uyghur Satar with bow


Satar- a long-necked bowed lute with one melodic and eight to twelve sympathetic metal strings. The satar plays an important role in the muqam, usually played by the lead singer (muqamchi). Its sympathetic strings may be tuned in five different ways depending on the mode of the muqam being played.While designed for a professional musician,…

Rare Uyghur Baliman


Balaman- a short double-reed vertical reed pipe with seven finger holes, tuned by a cross-piece of reed fixed near the mouth end of the instrument. The balaman is now found only in the Khotan region, where it is used as a lead instrument in the muqam.

5 String Uyghur Tanbour


– the longest of the Uyghur lutes at around 150cm, the tämbür has five metal strings tuned so-so-do-so-so. The melody is played on the double right-hand strings, using a metal pick (nakhäla) on the index finger. The tämbür is sometimes used as principal instrument in the muqam, as well as for folksongs, narrative songs and…

7 String Cow Skin Uyghur Rebab


The Rebab, renowned as “the lion of instruments”, traces it’s roots back to the 7th Century as it traveled along the ancient Silk Road from the besieged Afghan kingdom to the Uyghur people. Carved from the wood of the wild mulberry tree, Rebab’s have since become the heart of the Uyghur people and carry a…

Uyghur Khushtar (11-string) with bow


Uyghur Khushtar (11-string) with bowThe Khushtar, with its clear and resonating sound, is a key instrument in every Uyghur orchestra. Hand-carved from rich mulberry wood, the Khushtar will always be recognized for the bird on top of the handle as “khush” means bird and “tar” means strings. With it’s roots connecting all the way back…

2 String Kazakh Dombra


Dombra is the most popular Kazakh folk instrument used as an accompanying and solo, as well as the main instrument in the Kazakh folk music performances. You can get a really new sound using different techniques of playing this instrument in your world/ethnic projects or performances.Two strings, pear-shaped housing and a long neck, frets separated.The…